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At Excel@Learning we combine the best teaching methods that have been used for thousands of years with the latest education research from psychologists and teachers from around the world. We assess each student to find their preferred learning styles and set learning objectives that are individually tailored to produce an individual learning plan (ILP) for each student. We also teach the following advanced study skills where appropriate:

Accelerated Learning Cycle.
Our tutors follow the accelerated learning cycle for promoting fast learning and high memory retention of key facts that was developed by Professor Colin Rose.
Power Reading.
We teach our English students the ‘Power Reading’ skills to help them to find relevant information, integrate information from different sources and improve comprehension and memory retention of key facts.
Concentration Training.
We build in techniques to improve the concentration and motivation (improved attitudes to learning, study focus and clearly defined goals, objectives and expectations) of our students to ensure greater progress and confidence in their chosen subject(s).
Power Writing.
We teach ‘Power Writing’ skills to our English students so that they can put down on paper their organised thoughts and ideas to demonstrate their learning, comprehension and individual writing styles to Persuade, Inform, Instruct and Entertain.
Memory Techniques.
We teach a range of useful memory techniques to help students to remember names, dates and numbers. We also teach tricks, tips and shortcuts to make Maths easy and fun. We remove the confusion from Mathematic and Scientific terms to reveal the fundamental ideas underneath and improve students’ confidence in their learning and recall abilities.


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Active Listening



Accelerated Learning Cycle

Multiple Intelligences

Learning Trees

Knowledge Maps

Learning Photons

Speed Reading



Memory Hooks

Peg Words

Memory Games

Learning Objectives

Study Buddy

Photon Map


Revision Techniques

Practice Exam Questions

Exam Technique


what we teach

the excel@learning curriculum

master the basics, and you can master any subject

At Key Stages 1-3, we focus on the 3 core subjects - Maths, English and Science.


Once a student has mastered these core subjects along with our advanced study skills, they will be able to excel at all the other subjects they are taught later on.

For GCSE and A Level, we focus on key subjects that we have expertise in.


All our tutors have excelled in the subjects they teach, as well as being experienced at teaching advanced study skills.


Key stage 1 - key stage 3               gcse subjects                        a1(AS) / A level subjects





GCSE English

GCSE Mathematics

GCSE Science

GCSE Physics

GCSE Chemistry

GCSE Biology


GCSE Business Studies

GCSE Psychology


Applied Mathematics






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